The QUT Media Warehouse is an online repository that manages and provides access to digital and digitised multimedia resources.

  • Resources are either created or owned by the QUT community.
  • Resources are contributed to the repository by QUT staff or students.
  • The primary audience for the resources is the QUT community.

Images may be original creative digital works or digital photographs of physical creative works, or digital photographs of places, people and events.

Videos may be original creative works, such as movies or animations, or video recordings of places, people, events or performances.

Sound may be original creative digital sound works or recordings of performed works or sound recordings of places, people or events.

Text formats are not normally included, unless:

  • The text resource forms part of an artefact and the artefact is digitised
  • The text resource accompanies or is related to a resource or group of resources and is necessary to the interpretation and context of the resource

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System Requirements

The Media Warehouse has been built to support HTML5 Video and Audio standards. To get the best experience, we recommend using the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Other browsers may require you to install Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight before you will be able to playback content.

Below is a list of browsers that will play content natively using HTML5 standards. To find out which browser you are using and download any of the ones listed below, please visit http://whatbrowser.org/.

Browser Name Min. Browser Version Min. Operating System
Google Chrome 29.0 Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Mac OS X 10.6
Android 4.0
iPhone / iPad iOS 6.0
Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Windows Vista / 7 / 8
Mac OS X 10.6
Android 4.0
Internet Explorer 1 9.0 Windows Vista / 7 / 8
Windows Phone
Safari 2 4.0 iPhone / iPad iOS 4.0


For further information about QUT Media Warehouse contact QUT Media Warehouse Support at qmw@qut.edu.au.

For technical issues relating to existing content, please make a service request via the IT Helpdesk or contact them by phone on x84000.

Log a self-service request online

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Quick Search

Quick Search will look for words or phrases, matching your query against each of the following fields:

  • Title
  • Alternative Title
  • Creator
  • Creative Contributor
  • Description
  • Keyword Tags
  • Unit Code

The boolean operators AND and OR are supported. NOT will also be accepted, but may not work as intended 3

The following special characters can also be used:

Normal space characters are considered as boolean AND operators
Comma characters are considered as boolean OR operators
Hyphen (minus sign) characters are considered as boolean NOT operators
( )
Search terms may be encased in parentheses to indicate a certain relationship
" "
Search terms may be encased in double-quotes to indicate an exact match
An asterisk character is a wildcard that matches many characters - useful for truncation
A question mark indicates a wildcard that only matches one character

Quick Search examples

    Note: All search text, including boolean operators, are case insensitive. Examples have been capatilized for readability.

  • soccer football tennis is equivalent to soccer AND football AND tennis. All of the words must be found together in an indexed record.
  • soccer, football, tennis is equivalent to soccer OR football OR tennis. Any of the words can be found together or separately in an indexed record.
  • theatre -surgical is equivalent to theatre NOT surgical and will not include results that have the word surgical in an indexed record.
  • theat* will find any variation of words beginning with theat: theatre, theatre, theatrical, theatricality
  • organi?ation will find both English and American spelling: organisation, organization
  • (creative OR creativity) AND (industry OR profession) will find items with either creative or creativity in the record, but every item must also have either industry or profession present in the record.

Advanced Search

The advanced search interface enables searching for words in specific fields. There is no limit to how many combinations of fields can be added to the search.

Each row you add to Advanced Search will be treated with an AND operator, and will reduce the scope of your query.

Depiction of a what constitutes a good search in the QUT Media Warehouse Advanced Search tool

Tap on the image above to zoom

Has any of the words
Same as using OR between each word.
Has all of the words
Same as using AND between each word.
Has the exact phrase
Same as using " " (double quotes) to find words side by side.
Has these characters
will find partial groups of letters within words.
Starts with characters
finds partial groups of letters at the beginning of any word.
will find any variation of words beginning with theat: theatre, theatre, theatrical, theatricality
will find both English and American spelling: organisation, organization

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Upload quality content

The QUT Media Warehouse is a place to gather high quality, high value content that is useful in teaching and learning, or could be used for promoting the university, or is content that needs to be preserved.

Upload the best quality version of the content you have:

  • highest definition you have
  • well edited
  • final version

Describe the item

Describe the content well by providing meaningful and accurate descriptions of the content at point of upload (such as title, creator, description and rights) and by adding additional description after upload (such as keywords, additional creators and contributors and urls to any external sites that the content refers to).

Understand rights

Understand rights and have permission from all rights holders to upload the content, if you are not the sole rights holder. This includes:

  • co-creators of the content
  • people depicted within the content, such as performers, models or bystanders
  • creators of work embedded in the content, such as the soundtrack

Know which Creative Commons licence is right for you at and apply it when you upload. Upload content owned or made by someone else only if you have their permission (written permission is the best type to obtain).

Visit the Creative Commons site to find which Creative Commons licence is right for you.


To edit a content item already in the QUT Media Warehouse, click on the Edit icon. Once loaded, each tab allows you to edit different sections of metadata. Ensure you click save after each change.

Tap on the images below to zoom

Edit icon

Edit Button


Basic tab


Detailed tab


Licence tab

Creative Commons licences are supported. The date you indicate a CC Licence is the Rights Licence Date


Content availability

An item will be available to the public and requires no QUT authentication. This option is mediated by system administrators.
QUT Only
An item will only be available via QUT username and password. This is the default.
An item will only be available to nominated groups or individuals within QUT.

If you wish to make an item public, please make a service request via the IT Helpdesk or contact them by phone on x84000.

Custom access

Groups encompass all QUT's active staff and students and are defined by unit code, course code or organisational area. These groups automatically updated from employment and enrolment data like many other core QUT systems.

There are two levels of custom access to content, which can be used in conjunction to manage multiple individual users and groups:

View Only
Nominated Individuals or groups will be able to see, hear or view the item - but will not be able to edit the information about the item. This is like student access to a QUT Blackboard unit site
View and Manage
Nominated Individuals or groups will be able to see, hear or view the item AND edit all the information about the item, including assigning custom access to other individuals or groups. This is like coordinator access to a QUT Blackboard unit site

Items with Custom access levels in place are identified in search results by a padlock icon. This icon only appears to users for whom the content has not been made available.3 No other QUT users will be able to see or play the item. However, the item will appear in search results as a low quality thumbnail, displaying the title and minimal metadata. Public users and QUT users not logged in will not find the item in search results

We recommend granting Custom access to no more than 10 groups or 10 individual users.

Note: When choosing Custom access control you MUST grant View and Manage privileges to your own QUT username first, even if you are the uploader, before adding other groups or individuals

Applying Custom Access control

  • Step 1: At the Edit screen, click on the Sharing tab and select Custom from the drop-down list
  • Step 2: First, add your own name to the View and Manage field. Start to type either your username or your full name to select from the automatically generated list
  • Step 3: Click Save and you should see that the change has been successfully saved.
  • Step 4: Now add any other individuals or groups you wish to have View Only or View and Manage access
  • Step 5: Click the Save button again to save your changes

Tap on the images below to zoom

Step 1:
Edit Sharing tab
Step 2:
Edit Sharing tab
Step 3:
Edit Sharing tab
Step 4:
Edit Sharing tab
Step 5:
Edit Sharing tab

Sharing and Embedding

The player page the Sharing tab which will allow you to share content within QUT (for QUT only items) via QUT Yammer, or via email. For publicly accessible items you can use Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr in addition to Yammer for sharing.

Note: Ensure you are logged into Yammer before clicking the Yammer button.

You can add Media Warehouse items to your own website by using the Embed Code. Public items will show an embed code that can be used on most websites that accept HTML. The Advanced button will reveal an alternate embed code that can also be used on websites that you own or control.

Note: Embed codes still follow access control rules, so embedded non-public items may ask users to login before content can be viewed or played.

Tap on the images below to zoom

Public item - Sharing Tab

Public sharing tab

QUT only item - Sharing Tab

QUT Only sharing tab


Q: Why use QUT Media Warehouse?

A: The high-value, highly accessible assets in QUT Media Warehouse can be used and re-used in learning and teaching and connected to via QUT Blackboard and other well-known QUT systems, such as QUT Readings, and QUT ePrints.

The QUT Media Warehouse can house such items as:

  • Master classes, guest lectures and documentation of events not captured by the lecture recording system.
  • Multimedia teaching and learning objects created to complement and enhance face-to-face learning.
  • Best examples of student works that might be re-used in teaching.
  • Film and television programs set as ‘required viewing’ for students, captured from broadcast under licence.
  • Rich media research outputs.

Q: How can I access the QUT Media Warehouse?

A: By typing mediawarehouse.qut.edu.au into a web browser window and signing in with your QUT username and password.

Q: Who can access it?

A: Access to content is determined by access levels applied to the content item. By default, content is accessible to anyone with a QUT username and password. Some content might be further restricted to particular cohorts or individuals; some content is publically accessible.

Q: How can I contribute material to the QUT Media Warehouse?

A: If you are a staff member and have a need to store rich media assets, you should be able to upload items to QUT Media Warehouse. If you are not sure whether your items are suitable, please check out our Terms of Use. If you are unable to upload for any reason, you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk and request Contributor access (select the 'QUT Media Warehouse' category in the left-hand menu). Students are not enabled to use QMW as contributors though they can, of course, view content.

Q: What is Creative Commons licensing?

A: Creative Commons is a worldwide project that encourages copyright owners to explicitly state the terms on which their content may be legally used.

Offering your work under a Creative Commons licence does not mean giving up your copyright.  It means you are stating 'up front' how others may or may not use your work, instead of requiring them to contact you and individually negotiate.

The QUT Media Warehouse encourages the use of the Attribution (CC-BY) Creative Commons licence. This is the most open of the six licences. To find out more about Creative Commons go to http://www.creativecommons.org.au.

If you're still having problems deciding which licence to apply, you can explore the Creative Commons licenses and by answering a couple of simple questions the Licence Chooser will recommend the most appropriate of the six Creative Commons licences.

For advice on Copyright in specific cases, please contact QUT’s Copyright Officer. Note: QUT is the copyright owner of all teaching and learning material that its staff create during the course of their employment at QUT, and grants back to staff the non-exclusive right to use those works. As the copyright holder, QUT in general encourages an open access approach to sharing teaching and learning materials, and the assigning of Creative Commons licences to indicate the terms of use. (Refer to MOPP reference D3.1 Intellectual Property Policy.)

Q: How can I use it as a staff member?

A: You can use it as a contributor and/or a re-user of existing content.

  1. As a contributor
  2. You might wish to contribute rich media material you have created in the course of your employment at QUT. Some of the reasons for contributing material to QMW as opposed to cloud-based solutions include:

    • The ability to store a high resolution, high quality version of your files.
    • No advertising: QUT branded and does not present your material surrounded by advertising.
    • Files up to 5GB in size can be stored.
    • Safe and backed up: QMW provides a secure, searchable, long-term method for storing high-value rich media items.
    • Easy to find for easy re-use.
    • Access via existing QUT systems: content can be accessed and connected to via other QUT systems such as QUT Blackboard, QUT ePrints, QUT Readings, and Library Catalogue.
    • Contributors can control access to content items. Content may be made public, restricted to QUT (default), or restricted further to cohorts (groups) or individuals.  Group membership is determined according to QUT central systems, which means that content can be made available to cohorts of students according to their unit enrolment in a 'one click' process. Groups are dynamically updated by QUT-Access control via QUT managed groups. Group memberships (such as unit enrolments) are automatically updated.
  3. As a re-user of existing content
  4. All staff and students at QUT have access to a range of content in the QUT Media Warehouse. Many items have Creative Commons licensing attached, which means that in most cases they can be re-used, bearing in mind the conditions of the licence.

    See the Creative Commons website for more information on licencing.

Q: How can students use it?

A: Students can use it to view rich media material delivered via QUT Blackboard or they can also view items via the QMW interface, mediawarehouse.qut.edu.au. Students do not have the ability to upload items to QMW. Staff uploading content created by students must first discuss copyright and Creative Commons with the students in question, as students own the copyright in works they produce during their study at QUT.

Q: Does QMW store lectures?

A: If you wish to retain a lecture you have recorded with full audio and video, QUT Media Warehouse would be the right place for this. Otherwise lectures are automatically captured via the QUT lecture recording system and retained for 2 years. If you have a lecture that you would like to retain beyond this period (such as a guest lecturer or master class) you will need to save it and upload into QMW. To obtain access to your lectures you can go to https://lecturerecording.qut.edu.au. A high quality version of you lecture will be retained there for 28 days and it can be edited (if required) and downloaded for QMW contribution.

Q: How is QMW different to Echo360?




Lecture recordings and personal captures retained for 2 years only

Content retained indefinitely

Lecture recording captures desktop and audio only

Stores video, audio and image files

Use is mandated

Use is not mandated

If a lecture is used again, it must be uploaded into QUT Blackboard the following year

Links in QUT Blackboard are permanent, once files have been embedded/linked from QMW

Large high quality files are not retained

Large, high quality files can be stored

Q: How is QMW different to YouTube?




Hosted in the cloud

Hosted at QUT

Files are compressed upon upload

Original file is always retained in QMW, regardless of size

Difficult to restrict access to a unit or cohort within QUT

Easy to restrict access to a unit or cohort (just type in the unit code)

Often surrounded by advertising

QUT branded; academic professionalism

Generic, online support

Fully supported QUT service

Video content may be removed without notice if there is a possible copyright issue

Advice on rights management from QMW team and Copyright Officer; we will speak to you if there is a possible copyright issue

Q: What video file formats does QMW support?

A: For video files the following file types are acceptable: MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV. This list is not exhaustive, so please contact us if you need further information.

Q: What file types are not supported?

A: QMW does not support text file types such as .doc or .pdf, SWF, MKV or FLV or eBook formats, such as .ePub. This list is not exhaustive, so please contact us, via the IT Helpdesk (select the 'QUT Media Warehouse' category in the left-hand menu) if you need further information.

Q: What resolution and aspect ratio are the best?

A: 1920 x 1080 (or 1080p) is the ideal resolution for your video to appear at the best possible quality after uploading to QMW. The next best resolution is 1280 X 720 (or 720p). Aspect ratio should be 16:9 to avoid your video looking stretched when it appears in QMW. For PowerPoint movies, widescreen presentations will produce the best result.

Q: Will QUT Media Warehouse produce transcripts for my items?

A: We are unable to produce transcripts but please contact us via the IT Helpdesk (select the 'QUT Media Warehouse' category in the left-hand menu) for details on storage if you are able to provide your own transcript.

Q: Who can see the items I put in QMW?

A: By default everyone with a QUT username and login will be able to see items in QMW. Upon upload (or after you have uploaded an item) you can choose to apply further access control. Access can be restricted using the View or the View and Manage fields under the Sharing tab. No other groups or users will be able to view the full item once you have restricted access to a particular group or individual(s). However, the item will appear in a search with a padlock icon on the thumbnail to indicate full access to the item is not available. If you wish to change the access on an item you have uploaded to public, that is, viewable for anyone, please log a QMW Service request with the IT Helpdesk (select the 'QUT Media Warehouse' category in the left-hand menu).

Q: How can I upload an updated version of my file?

A: If you would like us to update your item, please log a job via the IT Helpdesk or Heat with a link to the new file from either Fileshare (if your file is smaller than 2GB) or Cloudstor (if your file is larger than 2GB) and a link to the item in QMW. The original URL for this item will remain valid, but the new item will be displayed.

Q: I have spotted an error. What should I do?

A: If you think you can tell us more about a resource or think that there is an error in description, please contact us via the IT Helpdesk (select the 'QUT Media Warehouse' category in the left-hand menu). Make sure you include the URL so we know precisely which resource you are writing to us about.

Q: I believe my rights have been infringed. Who can I contact?

A: The university's designated representative for the purpose of receiving notifications from third parties in relation to content transmitted, cached, hosted or referred to on the QUT network is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Technology, Information and Learning Support). Rights holders who believe their rights have been infringed are encouraged to contact the QUT Copyright Officer.

Q: How can I get an item deleted on QMW?

A: You can log a job via the IT Helpdesk or Heat if you would like us to delete an item that has been uploaded in error. We would appreciate it if you could verify that the item is yours and that it is not used or linked to from any other source (such as a QUT Blackboard).

Q: I am having difficulty viewing content from the Media Warehouse ... is there a preferred browser?

A: QUT Media Warehouse will attempt to playback video and audio using HTML5 standards, using Adobe Flash as a fall back for browsers with limited codec support. The following browsers are known to support HTML5 + h.264 playback. If your browser is not in this list, consider downloading a newer browser or check your Adobe Flash installation. To find out which browser you are using, or to download a newer version, please visit http://whatbrowser.org/.


Browser version


Internet Explorer

9.0+ (Note: IE7 and lower is not supported; playback in IE8 requires
Adobe Flash.)

Windows Vista / 7+
Windows Phone

Google Chrome


Windows XP / Vista / 7+
Mac OS X 10.6+
Android 4.0+



Mac OS X 10.3+
iOS 4+

Mozilla Firefox

depends on OS

Windows 7+ (Firefox 21+)
Windows Vista (Firefox 22+)
Mac OS X 10.6+ (Firefox 22+)
If HD videos not playing in HD,
 Mac OS X (Firefox 38+)
Android 4.0+ (Firefox 17+)



Linux (Ubuntu: requires