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  • Documentation relating to any permissions and/or rights licences regarding the material is being managed appropriately.
  • QUT as an employer is the owner of intellectual property created by staff members in the course of their employment.
    MOPP D/3.1.4 Ownership of Intellectual Property Generated by Staff
  • QUT as an employer is the owner of copyright where the work is created by staff members in the course of their employment. Provided that QUT does not have contractual obligations to a third party which would prevent QUT effecting such an assignment, QUT assigns the right to publish scholarly works to the creator(s) of that work.
    MOPP D/3.1.5 Ownership of Copyright
  • QUT owns the intellectual property in QUT teaching materials. QUT grants to creators a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use QUT teaching materials to fulfill their teaching, research and training responsibilities at QUT. Access to this material continues after a staff member ceases to be employed at QUT.
    MOPP D/3.1.6 Intellectual Property in QUT Teaching Materials
  • QUT recognises that students personally own intellectual property that they generate in the course of their studies and research.
    Section 2.2 Student IP Protocol
  • The act of uploading of the material and the nature of the content of the material does not breach section F/1.11 Acceptable Use of IT Resources of the Manual of Policy and Procedures [MOPP] with particular attention to section F/1.11.3 Definitions of Unacceptable Material.
  • Material that is found to breach any sections of the MOPP and/or these Terms and Conditions may be deleted from the QUT Media Warehouse and/or disciplinary action may be taken according to section F/1.11.12 Failure to Comply.
  • The QUT Media Warehouse Service reserves the right to remove material from the QUT Media Warehouse should a third party claiming to be copyright owner of all or a portion of the material, provide such notice to the QUT Media Warehouse Service or supply the QUT Media Warehouse Service with a take-down notice. The response to a take-down notice will be managed in accordance with section F/1.4.6 Copyright Issues associated with Web Publication of the MOPP
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